Welcome to YogaProse, a small, clean, sunlit studio with lots of English and free parking in the heart of Raanana at 17 Yaakov Hazan. The yoga studio offers deep, intense stretch classes as well as dynamic vinyasa flow classes. It all depends on what you’re looking for. Are you pregnant? A new mother? In search of family yoga? Want to explore partner yoga? Learn how to meditate? Just ask.

Come to an existing class at YogaProse Studio, or form a new one with friends. At my studio or your home or your company. Everything’s possible.

At YogaProse, public classes are ongoing and private lessons are available. Groups are small, intimate, supportive and geared to all levels. The door is always open. I am certified in pre-natal yoga and love helping new mothers reclaim their bodies, too.

I first stepped on a yoga mat in the fall of 1995 and began teaching in the spring of 2003. Yoga is such an integral part of my life I don’t know who I’d be or what I’d be doing without it.

Of all the teachers I’ve ever studied with and learned from, three stand out: Rodney Yee of Piedmont Yoga Studio, Betsy Kase of Yoga Haven, and Susan Rubin of Sage Yoga. Thank you from deep in my heart.

Weekly Class Schedule for Yoga in Raanana


Yoga for Flexibility



Yoga for Flexibility



Mixed-level Flow


Class Description

Mixed-level Flow

A flowing practice that integrates breath work and builds heat. Class is geared to help students build strength and stamina and flexibility. Open to all levels.

Yoga for Flexibility

A nice, soft practice that integrates breath work with poses and helps you kick off a new week, decompress before the weekend and recover from illness or injury. Great for beginners.

For every class, feel free to bring a friend. There’s always room for more!

If you’re interested in private sessions, forming a new class with friends, pre- or post-natal yoga, date night yoga, birthday parties or gift certificates, feel free to email or call 054 256 7157.

Yoga Videos

If you’re looking to start a home practice follow along with me. It’s fun and it’s for everyone.

And if you live in Raanana, Herzilia, Hod HaSharon or Kfar Saba area, come practice yoga in English at my studio.

How to Start a Home Practice

What is Yoga? What does it mean to me? Why do I practice? These are just a few of the questions I was asked to explore.

Thoughts on Yoga